Sunday, June 1, 2014

"This Years Theme Announced / Pan , & the line up is complete, Tuatha Dea, Troubadours of Divine Bliss, headlining with Brian Henke, and much more to come ...

I am proud to say that the Pittsburgh Witches Ball has hit a milestone …
Seven years and growing pains aside, we got the iron out, and plan to take 2015 by storm…
1.) We have an awesome team that has grown in ranks …
2.) We have a date for the Witches Ball / November 7th, 2015
3.) We have a new prize mistress / prizes will handed out no latter 9:30 PM
4.) We have a new set time of the doors opening 6PM
5.) We have a pledge food will be served 6 PM & new kitchen staff formed...

6.) We have a new hall & it is in Lawrenceville ( Pittsburgh proper ), tons of parking, coat check …

7.) No live animals will be permitted in the building unless a service animal
8.) We will have a gift pack that will be done correctly and given out at the door at time of entrance, this will be handle by the prize mistress & door person …

Now last but not least we have one suggestion for the theme & name Pan,

Brightest of Blessing from all here at The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society


"Tickets" go on sale soon ...


Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Big Time Welcome"

The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society Network

"Come See The Brand New Website"

Guess what we have new t shirts on sale ...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Let's Keep The Momentum"

The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society Network
“Please” sign up at
So much more to come,from Open Rituals to Open Tea & Coffee Socials...
We do ask for a minimal membership fee ( $12.00 yearly = $1.00 month ) but if you like to donate to help further the cause, bringing more events to the general public this cost money, and we raise this money through private donations, and people who contribute at gatherings. I understand some of us cannot afford much so this is on a volunteer basis. Many of our events will be either free or for a small fee to cover cost ( like the Witches Ball, but if you purchase a ticket to the Witches Ball, membership fees are waived for the year )...
We will be holding small gatherings, socials to get to know more Pagans, Witches & Sundry folk, at these gathering from time to time we will raffle off items to raise money...
I look forward to seeing all the Black Hat's of Pittsburgh come together to celebrate the seasons with us...
Brightest of Blessing

Make money orders out to Ms.Matthews...
"Send Donations To"
822 Spring St. North Braddock Pa. 15104

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ah tis but another hallows eve, come to mark the passage of time. While I am left growing more weary with each turn of this wheel.
Here now watching the leaves become a crimson hue, It brings about the thoughts of summers last hurrah, the blush of memory of youthful longings for quests unknown created in the maidens heart.
The days grow shorter and as a chill begins to light upon my toes, I know that with each falling leave I too am but one day closer to the harvest of this life abundant. So with prayers and homage, I set about creating little alters to appease the shadows.
Those that was once the breathe of springs growing wonder. Knowing that somewhere beyond the mist of hourglass moments, were the sands of time trickle away. They hear my voice and part the veil, so for but a mere second I can hear the faint melody of the spiral dance the wheel of life manifested. Knowing then that perhaps the dance of life someday too will leave me breathless, One day too soon, it shall appear. The path to the road less traveled.
Then I too will join in the spiral dance were maids and mothers still turn the wheel of life Making alters and raking up the leaves of life’s promise,
tending to the tribal heartbeats of the present ,
remembering to take time to honor the past and part the veil for but a moment, longing to hear a distant din waiting for some days welcome passage serenading yet another
crone to the fold.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Winds have cast deep for those deep asleep, in turmoil the community creeps. I know in my heart, mind, and, soul, that dreams must be tended and kept. For it is what keeps the ambers stoked. Separate self or I from me, mine, too, us, them, ours, all. The building blocks of community must be built slowly and carefully, though to many are discarded in haste. Why waste the time for not, or get caught in the vanity of it, but the truth lies in it. Each stone or soul can be directed to the common goal or are we too blind to see. That it should be we. "Yes" we can build it, and it can start with one, can it not ... It is bigger than you, but each individual can be a valuable component. A story they carry unlike any other. Why is it that the divine ego gets in the way or has lead the charge, is this not what we learned of balance in our faith, our spirit, or practice. That balance is the key. We as a whole cannot step outside ourselves and just give. Where need be; and not feel in the least slighted or jaded. I pause in reflection and thought. If all linger in the ills of it , that none will prosper from it... Why is it that some try to define what should be or not, those who should be tolerated or not. Brothers & Sister and other kinds we should give the same space, love, light , forgiveness to all our ilk. Or ? Are we not any better than those who castigate on us. Guided by fear and hate they tortured and tore at our flesh and mangled limb and tether. What they could take no further they drowned and burned. Is this not what we do analytically to one another ... I hear a call to the bridge to be built, from one building block to another, do we as spiritual folk who tend our gardens in the shadows hear the call. Or ignore it all and continue on whatever befalls.